Summer 20XX

This story is about a busy family's journey to squeeze every drop of sunshine and joy from a summer spent together while learning to be spontaneous and embrace the challenges that life throws their way.

Coming soon: The Death of Diversity

As culture pushes us to be more like each other than respectfully separate, this book analyzes the history and evolution of diversity of thought, how to move beyond demographics and into psychographics, communication practices, and actionable goals you can take now to propel your team into success.

Coming soon: King of the Cats

When going through a divorce, I stumbled upon several versions of the classic Irish 'King of the Cats' myth.  Traditional folklore in many civilizations views cats as representatives of the devil.  But this modern-day retelling is imbued with scenes that were all too real.

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I am a writer and creator based in Orlando, FL and come from a family of many literary gifted minds.  One side of my family has ties to Mark Twain, which unfortunately grow more distant as the time passes and new generations are born.

Inspired by those around me, I was always an avid reader and grew up with the love of story as a passion.  I also planned to play to my strengths in drawing to illustrate my finished works.

When asked what I prefer to read, fiction or non-fiction, I've never been able to choose, because I believe we all read for two reasons: one type to understand the world around us and the other to escape the world around us.  Therefore, my works have a unique blend of reality and make believe, aiming to captivate minds and inspire dreams.


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While the books I’m working on are still being edited, I hope that you enjoy some of my latest blog posts and find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.