Author with new style publishes this year’s must-have beach read

A creative nonfiction work, Summer 20XX, aims to inspire working mothers to chase after the lifestyle they want and reorient their families during the years that mean the most.

April 3, 2019 – Orlando, FL – Creative nonfiction works are a growing trend and include everything from biographies to travel and food to personal memoirs, as this happens to be. They are considered factually accurate, but instead of reading like a textbook, they are designed to entertain.

In Summer 20XX, M. Reali-Elliott uses her unique personal style, which is often imbibed with cynic humor while pointing toward a message of inspiration. A new author, she infuses authentic and enlivening stories with her insight into the minds and hearts of those she reaches, with the goal of inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Summer 20XX is about a busy family’s journey to squeeze every drop of sunshine and joy from a summer spent together while learning to be spontaneous and embrace the challenges that life throws their way.

“This story is meant to be inspirational, but we cannot grow without recognizing both the light and the dark within ourselves,” said M. Reali-Elliott. “It takes a good dose of humor to recognize and face our struggles, both inside and out, and to choose to move forward with hope and joy. We should always be able to laugh at ourselves during moments when we are at our most flawed to give ourselves the strength to continue on.”

Combining a sarcastic wit and uplifting message is to walk a fine line, but that duality is often what our privately-journaled thoughts would reveal. In this raw, gripping personal tale, M. Reali-Elliott captures the essence of what it takes to challenge your own nature and how a personal change can impact an entire family’s ability to relate to each other.

“I wanted to use a journalistic style to record the events that led to our moments of greatest discovery,” shared M. Reali-Elliott. “The summer described in this story happens to be mine, but what I want readers to understand is that this could just as easily be their journey as a family. It could be anyone’s summer, any year, if they were daring enough to try.

“By using something relatable, like a journal and an honest story, I could give readers the chance to picture themselves living a different life. By changing the way they think, I hope they can learn the same important lessons my family did.”

Summer 20XX is available as both an e-book and via print through major online retailers.

M. Reali-Elliott is a creative nonfiction writer who uses authentic and enlivening stories to inspire the younger generations to go after their adventures, dreams, and passions, while remaining on a solid ethical ground motivated by all things good, true, and beautiful.

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M. Reali-Elliott, Author Summer 20XX
Phone: 407-417-6181

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