Half-days and end of school parties (day 1, summer)

Our school loves to celebrate families. They encourage family involvement in school functions and time off for bonding. If one child has an in-school event such as a play, it is even considered an excused absence for the other children to attend and lovingly encourage their sibling.

There are a lot of half-days. These provide nice little freebies throughout the year. You have just enough time to drop your children off, run an errand or two, then pick them up again for an extended afternoon together.

They used to be cumbersome to manage with a lengthy drive in to an office. Now, I see them as a gift. More time to spend on precious days I can never get back once they are past.

The last day of the school year is one such day. We all know there is no education happening anyway and to think otherwise is foolish! Instead, the school uses this day to celebrate the learning that has occurred and create memories that their young scholars will take into the summer. This amazing learning environment leaves such a mark on the students that most of them are found weeping the entire last week of school, convinced their summer vacations couldn’t possibly compare to their joyous activities all school year.

As a start-of-summer treat, one of the moms throws a fantastic bash at her house, complete with a water slide, zip line, pool, and pre-paid ice cream truck. It’s my favorite way to transition into the summer for both the children and myself. Yes, the school year is complete, but your friendships will linger. We all still have each other. And most importantly, there is still joy to be had. Mark this day as one you faced and survived still wearing a smile. Embrace the transitions of life, because those are the times you will remember having smiled through the challenges and well into the journey ahead.

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